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【Show Your Beautiful Smile This Summer】-Teeth Whitening Package

  Having white, clean, well alligned teeth is becoming a common trend these days and more and more people have desire of having flawless and shiny teeth just like celebrities on TV. Greeting with beautiful smile and confidence also comes when you have white, shiny and well alligned teeth. Here are some more benefits of having white, clean, and well alligned teeth, there actually are much more benefits than you think. 

Benefits of white, shiny, clean, well-alligned teeth...

 + boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem

 + minimizes the look of wrinkles

 +  makes you look more attractive

 +  helps you let down your guard

 +  can thrive in professional situations

 + gives you a positive outlook on life

 + improves oral health care

  With OASIS dental teeth whitening packages you also can have Hollywood star's beautiful smile. Check out pictures below 

 Teeth Whitening Technology

Wyman Intelligent Long-lasting Teeth Whitening  - Created by the famous British teeth whitening dentist Wyman Chan.  

  • The system is suitable for natural teeth discoloured by various reasons. Including dental fluorosis, traumatic teeth, dead teeth, and tetracycline teeth. Despite the colour changes being very significant in these cases;

  • A home you can easily get teeth as bright as Hollywood stars using this method. The whitening method can be chosen based on the habits of the customer.

  • The safety, painlessness, and non-invasiveness of the Wyman Teeth whitening system has be verified by more than 150,000 patients (including many Hollywood stars); 

  • The whitening effect can be foreseen, allowing the customer to choose the brightness degree. The majority of patients can reach Hollywood white;

  • Long-lasting, teeth can remain white for life. The time of consolidation and maintenance will be dependent on the patient’s situation (if very severe, it may take a few years to do one weeks’ worth of consolidation).

  • You don't have to limit the colour of your diet, colour can also be maintained long-term;

  • It also assists with dental caries and as antibacterial properties. 

Quick in-clinic teeth whitening

  This refers to in-clinic teeth whitening by the doctor. The advantage is can quickly to raise 4-8 levels of whiteness (in as little as 1 hour, not including theteeth cleaning time). It is therefore suitable forurgent attendance at important occasions guests.Patient feedback on colour, shows this method to last for shorter periods oftime. So it is to use Wyman long-term intelligent teeth whitening afterin-clinic teeth whitening, to achieve long-term whitening effect. 

◆ Reddening Gums using Laser Technology

Want your smile brighter, only teeth whitening is not enough, pink gums are the key. 

safe and painless

Fast recovery (painless 3-5 days recovery period) 

Let the color of blackened gums become pink and natural. 

◆ Invisalign? Invisible Orthodontics Technology

  For poorly aligned teeth, to achieve the perfect smile, in order to reduce the tooth damage, Invisalign? Invisible orthodontic technology can be used to re-align the teeth.   

◆ Noninvasive or Minimally Invasive Veneers Technology

  For more complex cases, for example, the teeth have defects, or need to change the teeth shape to achieve the best result. Noninvasive or minimally invasive veneers technology can be used to do the overall aesthetics repair. 

  For some guests with slight poorly aligned teeth or teeth spaces, if don't want to do orthodontics, but want to quickly complete the teeth re-aligning, also can choose noninvasive or minimally invasive veneers for the overall aesthetic repair. 

  Above all, on the teeth and gums aesthetic improvement, we have perfect a complete set of technology, can according to the different needs of patients, design various personalized aesthetic reconstruction plan, help customers get more brilliant smile.

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Language: Chinese Mandarin, English, Japanese

Brief Introduction:

Nihon University Dental Medicine Doctor Degree

Prosthodontics Associate Chief Physician

American Invisalign? Invisible Orthodontic Certified physician

Dr. Wyman Chan Intelligent Teeth Whitening Certified physician In China, Japan, do Dental clinical work more than fifteen years.


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