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Support Breastfeeding & Get Photo of The Most Beautiful Moment

Breastfeeding is a very special experience for both mother and baby. It gives baby the very best start as a newborn. Breast milk is the healthiest food for newborns as it contains nutrients for them to grow, antibodies to protect them against many illnesses. And added benefit to breastfeeding is it also helps mother burn calories, meaning she can lose her pregnancy weight faster! By breastfeeding mom and baby also can create a special and strong bond.

Benefits of Breast

? protects baby from disease and antibacterial agents

? provides babies with the perfect nutrition

? ensures a clean and safe source of food

? conducive to healthy growth and brain development

? protects against obesity

? promotes mother and child bonding

? reduces mother’s risk for breast and ovarian cancer

? saves money on milk powder and health care costs

? helps space pregnancies – a natural method of birth control

? reduces your carbon footprint with no need for packaging and disposal

  To bigger extent, breastfeeding also can contribute to world’s ecology, economy, and equity. This purposeful and beautiful clause is deeply linked to many different parts of our lives.

Nutrition, food security and poverty reduction

-Working together across sectors andgenerations

Survival, health and wellbeing

-Creating a unified voice

Environment and climate change

-Conversations beyond breastfeeding

Women’s productivity and employment

-Changing attitudes

1st – 7th August is breastfeeding week of 2017. OASIS is hereby holding a Photography shoot for breastfeeding moms during World Breastfeeding Week. The event is FREE, just requiring you to register in advance. 

Event Details:

How to Register:

1) Message the MyOASIS WeChat account

2) Or, Email: ulla@oasishealth.cn