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New and Healthier Air at OASIS Hospital

  OASIS Hospital cares about the international community’s health. The polluted air in Beijing is an ongoing problem. We try our best to stay protected at all times. We make sure our homes have air purifiers, and we wear masks outside. It’s difficult to ensure you and your families are safe when entering public places. Are there filters built in? Do they even have air purifiers?

  We want patients to feel safe at OASIS hospital, whether you come for a ten minute appointment, or stay for several days. We ensure constant improvement of the air quality inside the hospital.  We added some top notch air purifying machines to our existing system. These LG (Life’s Good) Puri Care Air purifiers are located in the lobby and a new part of our interior. We are constantly working on our promise to keep you as healthy as possible.

  We will take over 100 million breaths over the next ten years, so let’s make them good ones. This slick looking machine is whisper quiet and the HEPA 14 filters remove over 99% of airborne particles. So on your next visit you can rest assured that only great air is blown your way. While Beijing does not ensure great air, your hospital has  you covered.