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Female Cycle Syncing, Have You Synced In Yet?

It’s almost woman’s day but we should call it a woman’s world. The power woman hold in their hands and minds is quite powerful, it’s not always been this way but slowly things are changing. I have stumbled across a century old principle that can help woman greatly through their monthly hormone cycle.  When I found this information on the World Wide Web I went into further investigation mode and started to see a pattern with my own cycle and even my best friend’s.

Cycle syncing is a century old method of keeping track of your hormones and mental state leading up to, during and after our periods. Over the span of four weeks hormones rage through our bodies, but how can we make this work to our benefit?

For a starter, start keeping track of your cycle, some woman have longer cycles and others shorter. For each cycle, there are four phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal and our period phase.. You can research cycle syncing online or check-out apps that track your cycle, it’s a great way to start. Underneath I have listed some examples on how you can start benefitting from your cycles and the amazing power a woman’s body has.

Menstrual Phase

  • Days 1 to 5, estrogen and progesterone are low. The lining of uterus is shed, causing the dreaded bleeding.

  • Movement and workout- Light movements are best during your period.

  • Food and diet-Focus on water intake, while in china best to drink warm water. Stews with beef, fish or poultry. Spices like turmeric and ginger are great anti inflammatory. And plant sources like chickpeas, spinach and kale are great for you during your period

Follicular Phase

  • Days 6 to 14, estrogen and progesterone are on the rise.

  • Movement and workout - Light cardio, and brisk walking.

  • Food and Diet - Water with lime juice can give you a energy boost, while eggs and dairy products are also great for this phase. Plant sources like chia seeds, quinoa, sweet potato and pumpkin seeds help you recover from your period.

Ovulatory Phase

  • Days 15 to 17, estrogen peaks, testosterone and progesterone rise.

  • Movement and Workout - High intensity as your energy is on a high!

  • Food and Diet - Adding greens to your smoothies can increase your fiber. Shellfish, broccoli, tomatoes, squash and nuts are great for this phase.

Luteal Phase

  • Days 18 to 28, estrogen and progesterone levels are high, then hormones decrease and menstrual cycle starts again.

  • Movement and Workout - Light to moderate exercise as your body is getting ready for another period.

  • Food and Diet - try to avoid tea and coffee as it will dehydrate you for your period coming. Eats loads of tuna, salmon and bone broth. Not to forget adding some good old dark chocolate to this phase, banana, carrots and avocado are also great during this time.

Note these are just suggestions and there are so many more interesting things you can eat during these phases.