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Dr. Wang Rui, Securing Healthcare Needs for Women & Children

Interview with Dr. Wang Rui, CEO of OASIS International Hospital.


Women's Day

As a society, women’s healthcare issues can be overlooked, not only by others, but also ourselves. Many healthcare issues that can greatly affect our daily lives and overall happiness, in particular, postpartum and menopausal issues, can been seen as inevitable, or simply something to live on with.

Dr. Wang Rui, CEO of OASIS International Hospital and experienced Gynecologist and Obstetrician of over 30yrs, has seen too often the plight of many women suffering with issues such as infertility, postpartum disorders and cervical lesions. Thus forth, under the leadership of Dr. Wang Rui, 2018 saw the establishment of OASIS’ s Women’s Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. This new center, dedicated to caring to for women’s healthcare needs, possesses the most advanced and comprehensive medical equipment and technology for female postpartum recovery within China at present, with specialists rich in experience in the recovery of vaginal and pelvic floor health, as well as breast, abdominal and whole body rehabilitation.

Early Diagnosis & Treatment is of the Upmost Importance

The number of women suffering with healthcare issues is not small, yet the amount of those who will seek attention from healthcare professionals is still relatively low. Reasons for this could simply be a lack of knowledge of these disorders, so little value is placed on seeking treatment. On the other hand, issues relating to a more private nature, may leave women feeling embarrassed to talk about it and so medical treatment goes by the by.  On this point, Dr. Wang Rui wished to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Many disorders can seem at present manageable, or not serious, but with age, these issues can grow in magnitude and severity becoming a greater issue later in life.

Female rehabilitation covers a wide range of medical services, not only for the treatment of incontinence, urinary retention, uterine prolapse, pubic symphysis dysfunction, Diastasis recti etc… our rehabilitative services also cover Female Cosmetic and Restorative care such as the removal of stretch marks, fading of scars, fat reduction and shaping and much more. The center also caters to skin rejuvenation with the production of collagen and elastin through fibroblast stimulation.

Another revolutionary therapy in cosmetics worth mentioning is Platelet-Rich Plasma injections (PRP). PRP injections are derived from human blood collected from autologous whole blood after centrifugation. These platelet-rich injections contain a large number of growth factors and proteins which play an important role in the healing and repair of human tissues which thus forth promotes regeneration and the production of collagen and fibrinogen.

PRP technology has been widely used in cosmetology and orthopedics. Through great innovative research and expert proof, Dr. Wang Rui has applied this technology to the treatment of women’s healthcare rehabilitation. PRP technology has been found to significantly improve disorders such as incontinence, dryness and sexual dysfunction.

Humanistic Care and 

Treatment of the Patient as a Whole

Dr. Wang Rui, has expressed time and time again the notion of “holistic rehabilitation”, treating a person as a whole, looking at the complete picture and formulating individualized healthcare plans for patients as a must. She said: “The human body is a complex system, behind every disease or disorder may lie a deeper more complex issue to be found. Therefore, when treating a person, we must take full account of their circulatory, endocrine and skeletal condition, adopting personalized treatment programs starting with the fundamentals to achieve better therapeutic results.”

Research has shown time and time again that a person’s mental well-being also plays a major role in their overall health and recovery. Dr. Wang Rui expressed: “Medical treatment and humanistic care cannot be separated. As a physician, we must first look to the person themselves, then to their condition, being ignorant to this will not serve to the good effect of the patient.” Attention to a patients mental state and affording due care will undoubtedly play a positive role in the promotion and recovery of their health.

Nip Issues in the bud and 

Nurture Growth Through 

Early Childhood Development

In addition to OASIS’s new center for women, 2018 was also the year the Early Childhood Development Center was established to further strengthen our care for children.

From newborn infants up to 6 years old, these first few years are important developmental years for our children reaching key milestones in their physical, psychological, cognitive and social capabilities. The OASIS Early Childhood Development Center was established to be a one-stop comprehensive guidance center for parents and their children.

The center comes equipped with advanced screening equipment for vision and hearing, infant hydrotherapy equipment, ultrasound bone densitometer and more. Our specialists will monitor your child’s growth and development, detecting any developmental issues and providing timely intervention and advice, helping you lay a healthy foundation for your children to continue to grow in health and happiness into the future.

As a comprehensive center, we not only look to the child’s physical health, but also their mental health adopting international evaluation methods to provide intervention and guidance for children’s health needs at different stages. Through game play, our specialist psychologists can help parents and children through difficulties by formulating personalized treatment programs.

Further Developments for the 

Future in Women & Children’s 


Dr. Wang Rui, CEO of OASIS International Hospital, believes there is still more work to be done, more areas that can and should be improved on and developed.

The Women’s Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center will in time introduce new delivery methods such as water delivery, sound birthing methods and more to cater to more women’s needs and create a more calm, safe and supportive environment for delivery. In addition, outpatient clinics for women’s mental healthcare needs (infertility/pre & postnatal depression groups) will also be set-up to provide support and timely intervention.

Within the area of children’s healthcare, the hospital has also put forth plans to open a children’s psychological outpatient clinic and endocrine clinic for children with serious psychological and endocrine disorders.

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Dr. Wang Rui, OASIS CEO

  • CEO of OASIS International Hospital, Head of OB/GYN

  • Member of the China Reproductive Health Industry Association Committee of Strategic Development

  • Member of the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics, Female Reproductive Rehabilitation Branch

  • Member of the Beijing Medical Association, Committee of Minimally Invasive

  • Gynecology

  • Member of the Chinese Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association

  • Member of the Beijing Medical Association Professional Committee for Medical Information

  • Member of the China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare, non-public welfare gynecology and obstetrics management group

  • Member of the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics, Technological Innovation and Organ Restoration Branch