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Department Internal Medicine
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The OASIS Internal Medicine department consists of an experienced team of doctors from the world over. Providing full-fledged comprehensive medical care, our team prides itself on service quality, both for inpatient and outpatient cases. We pay close attention to ensuring a comfortable experience for you while giving you all the privacy that you need during your journey with us.

At OASIS, you are assured on receiving optimal holistic medical solutions tailored especially for you.

Dr. Han Leilei
Dr. Han LeileiChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Internal Medicine Physician
Dr. Xia Zhiwei
Dr. Xia ZhiweiChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Internal Medicine Physician
Dr. Zhou Peng
Dr. Zhou PengChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Specialist in Cardiology
Dr. Liu Zhenqian
Dr. Liu ZhenqianChinaChina
Language:Chinese English
Chief of Internal Medicine
Dr. He Ye
Dr. He YeChinaChina
Language:Chinese English
Dr. Huang Shumei
Dr. Huang Shumei China China
Language:Chinese English
Dr Jia Yanjun
Dr Jia YanjunChinaChina
Dr. Liu Yunbao
Dr. Liu YunbaoChinaChina
Language:Chinese, Japanese
Internal Medicine
Zhou Gaosu
Zhou GaosuChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Specialist Consultant
Li Fei
Li FeiChinaChina
Internal Medicine
Dr. Vera Kosova
Dr. Vera KosovaGermanGerman
Language:German, English, Russian
General Practitioner