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Pediatrics Clinic

Our OASIS Pediatric Team is comprised of both national and international physicians as well as out-sourced specialists from other hospitals. Our doctors and nurses are highly specialized in their areas of work and we adhere to the Joint Commission International standards of health care. The OASIS pediatric team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and continuous care for newborns, infants, children and adolescents particularly focusing on preventive care.

1. Sick clinic: we provide service for various children diseases. The consultation rooms are equipped with negative pressure to prevent cross-infection. We respect patient privacy by providing each patient a designated consultation room. Our pediatricians and nurses are experienced in providing full assessment and treatment of various illnesses such as diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, hematology, immune system, urinary tract and others.

2. In-patient care: we provide inpatient care for children who need to stay in the hospital for further assessment and treatment. Our pediatric private rooms are child-friendly and comfortable with adequate space to accommodate the guardians and other family members.

Dr. Wennie P.Balawis
Dr. Wennie P.Balawis PhilippinePhilippine
Language:Filipino English
Dr. Joy Oreto
Dr. Joy Oreto PhilippinesPhilippines
Language:Filipino English
Dr. Yang Jinlan
Dr. Yang Jinlan China China
Language:Chinese English
Dr. Tian Hong
Dr. Tian HongChinaChina
Dr. An Bing
Dr. An BingChinaChina
Pediatric Specialist Consultant
Dr. Zhang Qiusheng
Dr. Zhang QiushengChinaChina
Dr. Chen Yuqin
Dr. Chen YuqinChinaChina
Specialist Consultant